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25 лет опыта работы в рекламе, маркетинге и продаже этих услуг. Свободный уровень владения английским языком (диплом переводчика). Диплом по менеджменту The Institute of Business Administration and Managment London, UK Буду рада помочь в пределах своего опыта Thank you for this opportunity to present myself. I am writing because of my interest in the position of at your company.  I have 25 years working experience and expert knowledge in marketing and sales, which encompasses several industries: sports nutritional products, real estate, architecture and construction, beverage market and wood products market.  I am now holding the position of General Director of an affiliate Swiss- owned company in Russia-WinForce East, which is due to be leaving the Russian market soon due to economical changes. I have been successfully managing WinForce East from early 2009, with whom I have developed the Russian market for premium class Swiss sports nutritional products from scratch, and rose from the position of Marketing and Sales Manager to the position of General Director, responsible for full circle of the company’s operations in Russia.  With GVA Sawyer, a US owned construction company in Russia, I have created and launched an advertising campaign which exceeded company' s revenues by 47% while remaining within the initial advertising budget. I am particularly proud of the consequent success of the advertising campaign and GVA Sawyer in general .  With URBAN group, a large Russian real estate dealer it was a tough task to let a newly built big business centres in central Moscow to long-lease clients in as short time as possible. The deal was closed in just about 2 years and final considerable sales cost exceeded average market prices due to clients’ loyalty and long -term rental contracts.  I am proud to have taken part in each and every meeting on rentals and sales from the earliest stage.  I am particularly strong at analytics and creating and implementing efficient marketing and advertising programmes. I am also very strong at negotiations and economizing on my company's budget, as well as settling tough issues with the authorities. I have a passion for and expertise in sports-related sphere and celebrity and lifestyle culture.  To complement this background, I hold a degree in Business Administration from UK-based institution and also a degree in International Communications. I have excellent interpersonal communications skills and am a strong team player, ready to listen to others and jointly work towards best results. My believe is that marketing is about relationships with people and building those relationships towards mutual benefits.  As a member of your team, you will find me to be a highly motivated team player committed to achieving best results through my expert knowledge and dedication.  I am confident that I could be a valuable asset to your organization and look forward to interviewing with you in the near future.  Sincerely,  Svetlana  --

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