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Необходимо перевести текст следующей песни на русский язык. Естественно ни о каких Промтах и Гугл-переводчиков не может быть и речи. Нужен просто хороший, добротный и понятный перевод. Песня: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWcI8eJeZ5I Show no fear Do what you wanna do Touch the sky Spread your wings and we will fly... You gotta always live your life to the maximum No doubts, no fears - just the power of your mind There is no other other limit but the vast blue sky Now live your life - do as you like! The enemy is close so watch your back Beware and if won't be cautious - you might be struck! Try to find the special courage that lies in your heart Don't ever hesitate - do as you like! 2x Do as you like, live your life! The only way to reach a goal that you are dreaming of is to keep your head together and show faith in your soul Don't ever let nobody get to you, stay sharp, be strong and focused - do as you like! You can play against the rules, this is not just a game Without hesitation's better than the goal have ashamed. The victory's already in your side Don't ever surrender - do as you like! 2x Do as you like, live your life! 2x Do as you like, live your life! Show no fear!

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