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в ближайшие 2 часа Отредактировать 250 слов personal statement. I have higher education in psychology. I was working for several years in business-training company, designing business games for top managers. It was a useful experience and knowledge in business management and decision making, but it was not job of my dream. While I was working there and doing my PHD, I realized that i need to change mi life dramatically. So, I quitted the job to find out what i really want to do. I realized that I want to be a designer and furniture maker (batter late than never). I was 24 years old and the next five years I was not idle. I became an antique furniture restorer and after that I worked as furniture maker. Since then I was never hesitate in my choice. Now I am 29 years old, I can make a pice of furniture with my hand, but I've been stuck in my professional development without a high design education. I understand clearly that I like to design things. I'm hungry for knowledge. I'm ready to improve my skills. I know exactly how to apply them, because I have plenty of ideas and start-up ambitions. However, I need education now, before it will be to late for my goals. BHSD is the one and only place in Moscow that can give a professional approach to the product design as a problem solving process. The level of designers, that graduated from BHSD, is well known and highly valued on the market. Needless to say, that BHSD diploma gives opportunities for self-realization not only in Russia, but also abroad. That is why i want to study here.

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