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Перевести на немецкий следующее (с сохранением структуры текста). Сегодня до 23.00 -Excuse me! Can I have your attention for a minute please. Just one minute. Nowadays most of the customers are refusing to buy natural fur coats and are choosing the faux ones. In your opinion which one of these two models is made of natural fur. Touch it, feel it! What do you feel? -I think this one. This one is natural and this one is faux. -Why? -I’m a fur farmer, that’s why I know. -So this one? In your opinion how much does it cost? — 80,000 (rub) — in average starting from 40,000 — in average starting from 40,000... — this one is around 40,000-50,000 not less. —Starting from 60,000 —70,000 — I can’t answer. Maybe about 120,000 or more. — About 100,000 — Maybe around 80,000 — Actually they are both made of faux fur — really? Excellent work! — Actually they are both made of faux fur —😱 are you joking? So this is great. — and they cost 15,000 rub. — Well this is just amazing. And affordable. — do you know that the fur coat like that costs just 15,000 rubles? — wow...great — It costs 15,000 rub. — Where? — you can buy it in this store (the guy is giving a business card) Why modern people all over Russia are choosing eco fur coats “Only me”. You can wash eco fur coats. They perfectly keep their appearance. In the eco fur coat Only Me it doesn’t matter if it is cold or rainy. New technologies allowed to produce incredibly light faux fur coat. The weight of that fur is 2-3 kg, and of real fur is minimum 4 kg. Thanks to modern insulation eco fur coats Only Me warm you in any frost. Eco fur coat Only Me lets out less warmth so it is warmer. Eco fur coats Only Me do not demand animal sacrifice and their production is much safer for the environment . Only Me. The beauty doesn’t demand sacrifices.

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