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Не с помощью переводчика! It has always interested people how to make life longer. Some people believe in diets, some in exercise, some in nature. Scientists analysed the factors of a long life. It turns out, that people who live really long and stay in good health, may live in very different climates and on very different diets. There are people who live near the sea, and people who live high in the mountains, people who eat lots of meat and people who are vegetarians, people who drink wine, and those who never touch it. But there is one feature that is common for every group of long-livers. It is respect for parents. But if you think about it, it's quite logical. Conflicts in the family are the key factors of a ruined nervous system. Our health depends more on our good nerves that on anything else. When we live in harmony with our parents, children, husbands and wives, there isn't much to worry about. Recently they performed a social poll in Bangladesh, on of the poorest countries in the world. Eighty percent of the population called themselves happy. They have big united families, and even poverty does not matter.

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