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Срочно! Необходимо написать грамотный statement of purpose, отвечая на следующие вопросы: a) Read over the skill sets for the crew positions in a typical MDRS crew on the webpage and decide which ones are best suited to your skills, experience and interests. Roles include Commander, Executive Officer (XO), Health and Safety Officer, Crew Engineer, GreenHab Officer, Crew Geologist, Crew Biologist, Crew Astronomer, Crew Scientist, Journalist. If you are applying as a professional Artist in Residence, please indicate this. List the positions for which you are qualified to serve. If you are applying as a member of a team, please list only that role for which you have been assigned in that team. If you are applying both as part of a team and as an individual, please indicate this in your answer to this question. Briefly describe your qualifications/training for each position and your interest in serving in each one. (250-500 words) b) Describe any special skills or expertise that you have that would make you a particularly valuable member of a MDRS crew. In particular: medical, first-aid, or emergency-response training; construction, home-repair, computer/electronics troubleshooting, cooking, plant care; experience in field research, living in wilderness/remote settings, extreme environments, or aerospace projects; leadership experience especially in settings involving physical danger or ambitious goals. (250-500 words) c) Tell us why you want to spend two weeks on a crew at MDRS conducting a Mars analog simulation. Describe the interests, ambitions and values that led you here to apply for this position. Discuss how you expect the MDRS experience to change you or help you change the world. Finally, tell us about the personal qualities and experiences that make you a great candidate for a MDRS mission. (250-500 words) d) One of the main differences between MDRS and other Mars Analog programs is the aspect of the simulation (sim). It is important that applicants understand that while they are at MDRS they will be expected to operate in their daily activities as if they were on Mars. Briefly explain your understanding of what a sim should be and your vision of your daily life at MDRS. Remember that in a simulation you function as you would if you were on Mars, and so you will need to pace yourself and conduct your crew accordingly. (250-500 words) Примерное направление ответов дам в устной форме. Хорошее знание языка и навык написания мотивационных писем обязателен.

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