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London is home to fashion’s finest – the Punk movement, designers like Alexander McQueen and of course the ultimate style icon, Kate Moss. Today the city is buzzing thanks to its cool mix of art, design and culture, making it the perfect inspiration for ASH’s ready-to-wear this season. The fall/winter collection, which channels the style of Brit icons such as Alexa Chung and Cara Delevingne is an eclectic wardrobe made of a subtle mix of careless rock spirit, a touch of eccentricity and a boho state of mind. The pieces are cool yet casual and invite the wearer to experiment making them perfect for the free-spirited, independent woman who breaks all the fashion rules. Urban separates are updated with quirky, fashion forward details. A sporty grey hoodie is reinvented in lace for a sophisticated look while a Victorian-style shirt and jeans with braided trims could easily have been unearthed at one of London’s popular vintage markets. As it’s fall, cover-ups are mandatory and there is plenty on offer from a sophisticated military jacket with gold piping to the rock ‘n’ roll leather perfecto, popularised by the likes of Miss Chung and her crew. When the temperatures drop, keep warm in the 1970s inspired shearling vest or masculine oversized jacket. The quilted coat was a big trend on the Parisian runways and ASH offers a cape style with asymmetrical hems for an avant garde look. When night falls, the ASH girl brings her A-game. Who needs a boring black cocktail dress when you can party in a glam leopard print style with a cleavage-baring neckline? Take cues from Kate Moss and slip on a sexy black vinyl miniskirt and matching trench. Complete the look with the collection’s hero piece - a plum Mongolian faux fur coat that looks just as good as the real deal. THIS WINTER, WE CROSS THE CHANNEL, HEADING TO LONDON TO MEET THE BRITISH ICONS FOR A WEEKEND. KATE MOSS, ALEXA CHUNG AND GEORGIA MAY JAGGER WELCOME YOU INSIDE THEIR WARDROBES. FRIDAY, 9AM. SHE PUTS ON HER DAILY OUTFIT. DRESSED WITH A CASUAL PAIR OF JEANS AND A GREY LACE HOODIE, WHITE SNEAKERS AND A WOOL MILITARY COAT, SHE HOLDS A SERIES OF MEETINGS, COMING ONE AFTER THE OTHER, IN A TEA ROOM IN MARYLEBONE. SHE APPEARS AS SIMPLE BUT SHE ALWAYS HAS A SOPHISTICATED PIECE THAT MAKES HER LOOK SO URBAN AND COOL. WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN, IT’S TIME TO RAISE YOUR GLASS TO THAT TYPICAL BRITISH AUDACITY PRAISED WORLDWIDE. FOR THAT, SHE GOES TO A COCKTAIL BAR IN SHOREDITCH. OUR ICON LIKES TO PARTY AND DANCE UNTIL SUNRISE, WRAPPED INTO A LEOPARD DRESS WITH AN INCREDIBLY DEEP CLEA- VAGE AND BLACK VELVET PLATFORM HEELS. BECAUSE OF THAT LITTLE COLD WIND, SHE NESTLED INTO HER PLUM MONGOLIAN FAUX-FUR COAT: CLASSY YET OFF-THE- WALL, HER LOOK STANDS OUT AND IT’S EXACTLY WHAT WAS EXPECTED! THE FOLLOWING DAY, LET’S FLY TO PORTOBELLO FOR SOME VINTAGE SHOPPING, LOOKING FOR NEW TREASURES. WEARING A CAMEL VICTORIAN SHIRT, JEANS WITH BRAIDED DETAILS, SUEDE FRINGE BOOTS AND A 70S FAUX-FUR JACKET, SHE HUNTS FOR THE FUTURE PIECES THAT WILL ADD SOME SPARKLES TO HER ECLECTIC CLOSET. JUST A FEW SECONDS TO CHANGE AND LET’S GO TO CAMDEN FOR THE CONCERT OF HER FAVOURITE ROCK BAND. WITH A BLACK VINYL MINI SKIRT, STUDDED DERBIES AND A LEATHER PERFECTO, SHE PERFECTLY CHARACTERIZES THESE TIMELESS BRITISH GROUPIES. ON SUNDAY, WE CHILL AND RELAX. FOR A DRIVE IN THE COUNTRYSIDE, IT SEEMS RIGHT TO WEAR HER FURRED BOOTS AND SO CONFORTABLE SHEARLING COAT AMONGST HER NOT-SO-NEGLECTED AND BOHO ATTITUDE. THIS IS THE PORTRAIT OF OUR WINTER16/17 COLLECTION, INTERPRETED BY AN ECLECTIC WARDROBE MADE OF A SUBTLE MIX OF CARELESS ROCK SPIRIT, A TOUCH OF ECCENTRICITY AND A BOHO STATE OF MIND.

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