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Исполнителю нужно сделать перевод 9 стр. книги про историю Египта (специфические названия и имена есть в Википедии, их очень легко найти, шрифт Times new roman, 14). Перевод не должен быть идеальным, так как преподаватель все равно скажет его переделывать, но он не должен быть сделан электронным переводчиком. Текст не сложный. Ниже пример текста CHAPTER 11. AKHENATEN INVENTS THE FIRST MONOTHEISM, ACCOMPANIED BY THE AMARNA ART REVOLUTION THE ROOTS OF ATEN PRIMITIVE MONOTHEISM: HELIOPOLITAN SOLAR THEOLOGY, THEBAN AMUNISM, CHIEF GOD MONOTHEISING THEOLOGY, AND EGYPTIAN POLITICAL AND RELIGIOUS IMPERIALISM As we shall now see, Atenism lacked many of the attributes of what can be considered full-blown or authentic monotheism, but at least on the theological level of the invention of a sole god, there can hardly be any doubt that Akhenaten invented a monotheism, mankind’s first monotheism. Nevertheless, denials and doubts about this continue to be expressed among many historians and Egyptologists. Some of the reasons may be that the messy process of inventing monotheism is painfully clear in Akhenaten’s career, in its failure and in its relation to pre- and post-monotheism in Egypt, while in Israel, as messy as the process also was, monotheism eventually succeeded. Quite simply, the propensity of our mindset is to focus on the Egyptian mess and not on the Hebrew mess. The invention of Aten primitive monotheism was directly linked to the pivotal animistic and theological place of the sun expressed in Egypt from the earliest times and to Re and Heliopolitan “lightland” solar theology, assimilated and developed by Theban Amunism, the Amun-Re chief god theology. Both the religious fervor for the sun and the theological amalgamating and unifying tendencies which finally resulted in Atenism were clearly present in the Re-Horakhte concept of the combined royal sun god of the Old Kingdom Fourth Dynasty (c. 2613–2494 BC) solar cult theologians of Heliopolis. Re was the head of the solar cycle and of the simultaneous diversity and ultimate harmony of the universe. Re and the nine gods and goddesses of the Heliopolis Ennead expressed the entirety of the universe. The pharaoh incarnated as a god, as Re’s son, ruled on earth. With ups and downs, the monotheising tendencies of the Re solar cult were amplified over about a thousand years and by the opening of the New Kingdom, and certainly by Amenhotep III’s time (c. 1391–1352 BC), Egypt was on the verge of Aten solar cult monolatry, or monotheism, depending on how one interprets these terms.
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