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  • Murugan Перейти в профиль
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    M.K.Home Service has emerged as one of the most trustworthy and reliable service providers in and around the city of Chennai. The company deals in the services of cleaning and sanitising homes, offices and other commercial places where removal of dirt and dust materials is of utmost importance. We ensure the 100% cleaning of sofa sets, beds, pillows, chairs, cushion covers, carpets, blankets, and Housekeeping staff also. Contact us for more details.
  • Manimaran Перейти в профиль
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    We are a prominent name in the field of providing a complete solution for exhibition. We also work as an organizer for variety of services such as Auto Show organizer and IT Fair Organizer etc. The events organized by us are highly acclaimed for the display of immense variety and grandeur.We have excelled in the arena of offering most comprehensive KR Enterprises. Exhibition Stalls are the integral part of any exhibition. We have got specialization in offering Exhibition Stall on Hire, Exhibition Stall Suppliers, Exhibition Dome Structure. We are a prominent name in the field of providing a complete for event Organiser.
  • Hemalatha Перейти в профиль
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    Being versatile, competent and having sufficient zeal and vigour for practicing law, we are earnest in merging zeal and experience to emerge as one of the prominent legal firms. Wer are into  this field since 1999. We are dealing with Litigations in High Court of Chennai embracing fields like Property, Company, Money suits, trademark and Patents, Specific Performance, Constitutional issues including Writs and Appeals, etc.Litigations in Magistrate Courts at Chingelpet, Poonamallee and Thiruvallur embracing fields like Bail, Anticipatory Bail, 138 Cases under Negotiable Instruments cases in favour of banksMotor Claims, Rent Control and Insurance cases in Small Causes Courts and all civil matters including Money and Property Suits in City Civil Courts.Petitions in Debt Recovery Tribunals and Appeals in Debt Recovery Appellate Tribunal, Proceedings under SARFAESI Act and also matters in Industrial Disputes and Consumer Complaints.Criminal Cases which encompasses Negotiable Instruments Act and Indian Penal Code in all the Sub Ordinate Courts, Magistrate Courts and Criminal Appeals and Revision in High Court of Madras.Conveyance, Documentation of all types and Registration works, viz., legal opinions, title verification, Sale Deeds, Mortgage deeds, Partition Deeds, Lease deeds, Settlement Deeds, Trust Deeds, Sale Agreements, Construction Agreements, Memorandums & Agreements for all purposes, Bipartite cum Tripartite Agreements, etc.
  • Mukesh Перейти в профиль
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    RPM Events as one of the superior and responsible company name in the nation, we present a top class range of Event Organising Service. The offered services come clubbed with extra eminence and trendy outlook as may ease the needs and convenience of our clients. Moreover before these services are being delivered there is a full one to one conversation with the customers in regard to the selection of an appropriate decoration design. Contact us for further information.
  • Dr. K. Ramkumar Перейти в профиль
    Dr. K. Ramkumar
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    Hotel Anushka & Hamsini Hall lies in the heart of Chennai city. A city that has been a home to history and stalwarts larger than life and legendary. A metropolitan that has been the heartland of Hospitality, Art, Culture, Heritage, Governance, Civilization, Immortal Music and what not? Situated opposite to Asia's largest bus terminus ( CMBT in Koyembedu) and also nearer to Jai Nagar Park , advanced specialty hospitals, shopping malls and industrial estates, the hotel's beautiful metro setting and traditional atmosphere offers the perfect location for short breaks or business visits. We provide comfortable rooms and accommodation to suite most tastes, Twin bedded or double rooms, family rooms and luxury suites that give that extra space and freedom at affordable rates. Contact us for your needs.
  • Mallikarajuna Rao Перейти в профиль
    Mallikarajuna Rao
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    AM Facility Services is a renowned company known for its quality services and timelines. We have well trained and experienced professionals who understand your needs and provide best service.AM Facility Services we provide Industrial and Corporate Housekeeping Services, Aaya Service Providers & Residential Service Providers. Contact us for further details.
  • Manikandan Перейти в профиль
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    My Name is Mani. I am living in chennai. Juggling is not only my job but also my passion. When people see dangerous juggling knives, fire juggling performmance they get so excited to see my performmance and they too get happy. I am doing even 7 Satellite Channels, Reality shows. Juggling is exciting and difficult art. I am doing many performmance in India. Juggling Balls, Clubes, Rings, Hats, Devil Sticks, Foot Balls, Knives, Spinning plate, Ciger boxes and Fire juggling are different objects in which in use to do juggling. In Spite of doing these type of things I do even wheel dance, spring man act, and ostrich dance like art shows performmances are done in the places like corporate shows, 5 star hotels, conference halls, product lanuch, parties, carnivals, school and college programmes, wedding, grand openings, birthday parties and many shows are done. contact us for more details.
  • Shaleem Перейти в профиль
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    Star Net Wholesale Distributors is one of the largest Door Types and Windows Types. We are also offering customized solutions for all Industrial and Residential Door Netting Enquiries. We have been in this business for the last ten years with having vast sound knowledge and experience. and renowned name for our efficiency of quality works,Reliability, specialty and professionalism. We cater our all products all across India . Call us for further information.
  • Hariharan Перейти в профиль
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    Tremendous Solutions, is a solution provider, application development and supporting enterprise that brings accomplishment and success to our clients. We have a full range of IT services that we deliver effectively and efficiently. We are committed in providing the best business practices in the industry to help clients expand and compete in the market. We stand for our clients and help them succeed by solving their business, and IT problems giving them the right solutions, all the while making it affordable for them. We don’t just provide IT solutions, we help customers maximize their business values in the challenge economy situation. Tremendous Solution is one of the best service providers in multi way to satisfy the customers through high quality service. We are establishing a software product services from our technical expertise. We providing a best service in software product development.
  • Vidya Sagar Перейти в профиль
    Vidya Sagar
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    Established in 1993, Magic Touch is one of the reputed professional housekeeping service providers in Tamil Nadu. Magic Touch is a registered proprietorship company complying with all statutory obligations. We have a team of professionally qualified, experienced, dedicated supervisors and working force to provide 24 hours un- interrupted Housekeeping services to near perfection standards with in any given time to customer's satisfaction. Besides, Security services, Manpower outsourcing to Govt., private and banking sectors. Facilities and Property maintenance to MNC's, BPO's, Corporate, Hospitals, Restaurants, Educational institutions, Commercial complexes, Apartments, Industries, Offices, Independent bungalows, Guest houses, Theatres, Clubs and Resorts also undertaken.
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Quality, Trusted and Affordable Appliance Repair Services in Chennai

You’ve been heating up your favourite cuisine in a microwave for some time but it is still cold, you are all set to wash your clothes but your washing machine has refused to start, you’ve put some water in the freezer in order to make some ice for the party but after some time it’s still water or your toaster is not working it can only mean one thing - you electrical appliances are broken. When something like this happens it is no less than a nightmare. Some plan to purchase new appliances while others give one more chance to the broken pieces by opting for repair service.

There are many who prefer to give their appliances in the company’s workshop because they think that this is the best and the safest option for them. Also, there are people who call the company workshop for repair because their appliances are too big to move and their warranty is still valid. However, you need to understand that it is not always convenient to get the product to the company’s workshop. And if the product is out of warranty, then be it a repair by a local handyman service provider or company’s workshop, the charges would be somewhat similar. Also, for minor repairs, contacting local appliance repair service provider is the best option one could opt for.

Most of you have a local appliance repairman in your contact list who can easily fix any appliance and make it perfect again. However, there are times when the case is so complicated that it requires a technician or an expert who has immense experience of home appliance repair. Apart from fixing the gadget, the technician also imparts the knowledge of appliance maintenance.

The provider of home appliance repair service should be selected depending on the type of damage to the appliance, its size, technicalities involved in fixing the machine, etc. Also, it should be ensured that he could offer the repair service well under the budget.

How to Finalize a Deal with a Trusted Appliances Repair Contractor?

Be it a local appliance repairman or an organization offering appliances repair service, it is quite tricky to close a deal with one of them. There are a plethora of parameters that should be kept in mind before closing a deal with one. Some of them are: 

  • Time needed to repair the appliance in home
  • Feedback from previous jobs
  • Chances to complete the work on the first visit
  • Is there a guarantee/warrantee?

These are some of the parameters that you should never skip while closing the deal. Also, there are times when the appliance or the machine is quite big and heavy and its repair should be executed the same day it broke. In such cases, finalizing a professional or a team of technicians in a hurry is quite a cumbersome task. But even in a hurry, finalizing should be carried out meticulously to keep further damage to the appliance at bay.

Is it Easy to Find a Reliable Provider of Appliances Repair Service?

This is one such question that makes most of the people bite their lips in worry. And if it is an emergency situation, then finding a reliable contractor in a very short span of time is a hard nut to crack. An expert who could offer quality services on the same day is difficult but not impossible to find. Here are some quick tips to make the search easy: 

  • Friends and relatives
  • Yellow Pages
  • The Internet

But it is hard to make sure that the experts listed or suggested by the above mentioned sources are trusted and verified. Whether they can undertake small appliance repairs is another concern. Well, to be sure of the fact that only a professional who is verified and has an immense experience in big and small appliance repairs come at your place, it is better to book one of the service providers from

One of the best aggregators of services over the web, lends a helping hand in finding one of the quality service providers of appliance repairs. ‘Can find service providers of appliance repairs near me?’ Yes, it surely can. It lists various verified and trusted service providers for you to choose from.

So, next time you come across a damaged appliance at your place and don’t want to leave your comfort zone in search of an appliance repair service provider, remember is here to your rescue.


Appliances repair service involves technicalities that only a professional or an expert can understand. Hence, hire only the reliable yet affordable technician to execute the job in a perfect manner.