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  • Peter Reigo Перейти в профиль
    Peter Reigo
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    Pest Control Solutions (PCS) is a highly professional and vastly experienced pest control company currently in its 11th year of business. We have grown from a small client base of satisfied and loyal customers who have played a major role in our business expansion over the years to a mature business, which now services hundreds of esteemed clients across various neighborhoods and towns in Chennai City and Tamil Nadu respectively. Our Pest control services cover various insect pests, including elimination and periodical treatments to maintain the contracted premises free from pests during the contract period. PCS inspections are free of cost, so feel free to call us on any working day to know more about your pests, It is our duty to inform you on the requirement for a service or not. We are equipped with the required labour force, technical support and easy to reach facilities to cater to our customers on time, every time. We specialise in services like:- Pre-construction anti-termite treatment ( proposed or buildings under construction) Post construction termite control ( existing buildings) Cockroach, ants and other crawling pests Rodent (rat) control in offices, factories, warehouses, godowns etc. Woodborer treatment in timber and furniture Mosquito and Fly Control Any other pest related activity that needs elimination or control Should you require any or all of the above-mentioned services, please free to contact us. We will be delighted to be of service to you.
  • David Перейти в профиль
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    Goodwill Pest Control & Allied Services is a well-established pest controller in Chennai with more than 22 years of experience in evacuating pests from Residents, Corporates, Individual Homes, etc. We provide Pre-Construction and Post-Construction pest control services to eliminate the urbanization of pests. We offer Nets, Screens, Termite baiting tool, Rattrap cage, Bee suit, Electric Mosquito killer machine, Herbal insect repellent, Fogging machine, Gel, Paste and other harmless pesticides at affordable costs to destroy the uninvited intruders in your home. Call us to make your home a better place to live with an ultimate protection from pests.
  • Sendil Kumar Перейти в профиль
    Sendil Kumar
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    With an immense knowledge of worldwide industrial affairs, and a decade of experience in the hospitality sector, we are able to offer unmatched quality services to our diverse clients. The extensive range of services we present includes Executive Housekeeping Services, Housekeeping Services, Support Staff Solutions, Pest Control Services and Building and Plant maintenance. Other than these, we are also providing assortment of other services which comprises Horticulture Services, Facility Management Services, Floor, Carpet & Upholstery Solutions.
  • M. Shafiq Перейти в профиль
    M. Shafiq
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    Smartman services is in the business of integrated facilities management services offering efficient dedicated and committed quality of services in the areas of Housekeeping, Manpower management and Administrative services at par with international standards. Incorporated in 2013 under the Partnership Act and is headquartered at Chennai. It has adhered to all necessary statutory requirements including PF / ESI / minimum wages regulations.
  • Ruban Перейти в профиль
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    'KSR Pest Control' is the main concept which we are working around. With that fulfilled in our mind and with the help of latest technology and equipment we deliver incomparable results in the prevailing conditions. Bed Bugs Pest Control,Bees Pest Control Services,Cockroach Pest Control,Corporate Pest Control,Electric Mosquito Killer Machine Dealers,Mosquito Fogging,Mosquito Nets & Screens Dealers,Pest Control Product Dealers,Post Construction Pest Control,Pre Construction Pest Control,Residential Pest Control,Termite Pest Control. Contact us for more details.
  • Mukesh Перейти в профиль
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    RPM Events as one of the superior and responsible company name in the nation, we present a top class range of Event Organising Service. The offered services come clubbed with extra eminence and trendy outlook as may ease the needs and convenience of our clients. Moreover before these services are being delivered there is a full one to one conversation with the customers in regard to the selection of an appropriate decoration design. Contact us for further information.
  • Usha Перейти в профиль
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    GEM is a professionally managed Facility Management company specializing in housekeeping services striving to excel in the service industry. We provide clean, comfortable, attractive and safe environment that proves the property upkeep standards in corporate houses and business centers. We are committed to provide the very best of services with unsurpassed quality and dedication. We have our esteemed clients present in almost all segments especially in IT sector. GEM has always established itself as a significant partner in the cleaning industry. We are truly dedicated to client specific services and are always there to provide the highest possible quality. Our team of professionals is well groomed and trained in the cleaning and maintenance services, which is required of this dynamic industry. Our focused quality control program and regular AMC's with Maintenance Contractors keep the Machineries operational uninterrupted.
  • Krishnamurthy Перейти в профиль
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    KM Associates is here in this service for many years. We deal with Mosquito Fogging Service, Pre-construction Pest Control Services, Bed Bugs Control Services and Termite Pest Control. We address your needs with utmost care and ensure your satisfaction in whatever we do. Give us an opportunity to serve you. We will gift you with a pleasant experience. Contact us for further details.
  • Radhakrishnan Перейти в профиль
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    AVR Associates is an innovative law firm with advocates having an experience of 30 years in all fields of law. We are one of the best Advocates services provider in chennai city. We address your needs with utmost care and ensure your satisfaction in whatever we do. Give us an opportunity to serve you. We will gift you with a pleasant experience. Contact us for your needs
  • Deivasigamani Перейти в профиль
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    Kill Man Pest Control has massive experience in this business. Our motto has always been timely service, best quality and optimum cost. We are in touch with our customers through quality, performance, service and assistance. Bringing the best of value to our customers, we also care as much about our customers. We value the trust and beliefs vested in us by our clients and professional contacts and provide a dedicated service with an honest and direct approach in all our dealings. We deal in Pest Control Services. Contact us for further details.
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Progressive solutions for pest problems in Chennai

Be it mosquitoes, bugs, spiders, rats, ants, or bees, they all bring lots of troubles with them. They are the carriers of great deal of diseases and therefore, their prevention and control is a very serious issue and should be given an apex priority by everyone.

Pest control not only helps in keeping these pests away but also keeps our precious assets safe, life included. “I am looking for an exterminator near me” is what most of the people say but after enquiring about the exterminator prices and time the whole process will take, they tend to ignore one of the most important services. 

Total extermination at your service 

Why let spiders, mice and snakes roam freely in your own home when pest inspection cost is negligible and this problem could be undertaken by the local exterminator? Exterminator services are very important if you are moving to a new place. Also, the pest defence services should be called periodically to keep the insects at bay.

If you love your furniture, how could you simply hand it over to the gang of termite and see it getting ruined? There are numerous companies that provide quality pest control services at an unbelievable price. They also come up with attractive offers from time to time in order to encourage people to avail their quality pest control services in Chennai. It is for your own protection and safety that you should call the pest control team for inspection and checking your place.

The process of controlling the pest does not take much time. After the initial inspection and checking of your entire residence or workplace, the chemical is sprayed which act as a krypton for the groups of termite, rats and other insects. In order to destroy them completely, poisoned bait is utilized by the pest control companies.

Find proven exterminators in Chennai

There is a majority of people who prefer services which are local. Their price is less, turnaround time is quick and traps, termite control, insect killer, etc. are very effective. Apart from local controllers, pest control agency in Chennai is the new term which is on boom these days. These agencies along with the protection of the residence take care of sanitation issues as well while they eliminate and destroy the pest.

Their traps are quick and effective. The usual practice is that once the insect or reptile is trapped, a chemical that turns them unconscious is sprayed on it and it is removed from the trap and left far away from the human habitats.

So, whether you are looking for a local pest controller or an agency dealing with the same problem, YouDo is here to your rescue. Get yourself registered on YouDo, describe the type of pest control you are looking for, flourish YouDo with anything specific and you are good to go. YouDo will connect you with the contractors avaliable for hire in Chennai who can provide the service you need. Based on the feedback, quotes, reviews, etc. you can finalize one of the providers of this service and get rid of insects once and for all.